Clinton Public Schools Network Upgrade Case Study

Introduction: The focus of this case study is regarding network infrastructure upgrades for a K – 12 Public School System in Clinton, Connecticut. The grade school and middle school are the focus of this case study as those two buildings were existing structures with category five network infrastructure. This school system has 1600 students in…

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The Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi for Multi-Dwelling Units

Feb 10, 2022 Ensuring that multi-dwelling unit residents have access to everything they need is not always an easy task. These needs have recently changed as technology devices have multiplied in a home environment. Residents now expect that their home will have access to high speed internet. Property owners have to ensure that tenants are…

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Global Supply Chain Disruption Impacting Long Term Network Planning

Dec 9, 2021 There has been a significant disruption to our global supply chain, which started in early 2020. Demand for products drastically increased during the pandemic, and companies have struggled to keep up with the influx of demand. There has also been a massive labor shortage, supply shortage, shipping delays, all of which have…

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