About Us

Omni Data is a boutique network solutions company that specializes in physical access security and network infrastructures. For nearly 20 years, Omni has been working closely with clients to develop their networks to be a seamless system that works trouble free and securely.

Omni originated in the tristate area, representing a variety of industries, including local government, schools, manufacturing, financial services, and hospitality. And today Omni brings its expertise and high-quality network design to clients globally.

Omni’s network engineers have expertise in each of the areas of network infrastructure and work together holistically, optimizing each of the pieces to create one unified network. They specialize in physical access systems that incorporate key card systems, IP Video, and other network access and management systems – all tied together through a secure pathway to the cloud.

Whether you need us to develop a network from scratch or optimize and expand an existing one, our goal is to develop a seamless system that does everything you need quickly and securely. Our services are cost-effective: you pay for the network you need today, and Omni will systematically grow your network infrastructure over time as your business needs change.