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    The focus of this case study is regarding network infrastructure upgrades for a K – 12 Public School System in Clinton, Connecticut. The grade school and middle school are the focus of this case study as those two buildings were existing structures with category five network infrastructure. This school system has 1600 students in the three buildings in total along with 300 members of faculty & staff.


Clinton & Corning Case Study

Clinton Public School District Network Upgrade Case Study

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    Public schools are often tasked with using outdated technology. This was no exception in the town of Clinton. The Clinton Public School District grade school and middle school were relying on outdated category five network technology. This technology was often unreliable and could not meet the modern-day needs of students, staff, and faculty. Current network infrastructure could not keep up. The school system needed an enhanced and upgraded network infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of K – 12 education.