We have a solution to combat 2 major problems in our schools

We have a solution to combat 2 major problems in our schools

Ask yourself, "what is my school doing about the growing problems of vaping and bullying?"

Here's some facts you should be aware of:

  • Vaping is a recognized national health epidemic with a 900-percent increase in e-cigarette use among high school students over the past 4 years.
  • In 2018, it was estimated that over 3 million youths were using e-cigarettes.
  • In terms of bullying, over one-in-three students or 3.2 million each year are bullied in American schools.
  • Bullying has been linked to suicide, the leading cause of death among young people.

Omni Data in West Haven, Connecticut has new vape and sound sensor technology with an automated alert system that combats vaping, Juuling, and bullying where cameras are prohibited.

The technology we use is the only combination vape detection sensor and alert system that includes the ability to monitor and detect sound anomalies that could indicate fighting or bullying is occurring. When vaping or elevated sound is detected, school officials are notified by text message, email or through the mobile app.

We deploy a cloud-based platform with hard-wired sensors that detect and send alerts to school or workplace officials when vaping or other potentially harmful incidents are taking place in bathrooms or other isolated areas such as locker rooms.

The technology was specifically developed in response to the growing health hazard of student vaping in schools.

We can help you solve the problem.
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